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What Makes Our Swimwear Sustainable?

We use 100% recycled ocean waste from ECONYL to produce our eco-friendly products. By using recycled materials to produce our bikinis, we’ve been able to reduce the fabric waste we see annually in our factories. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet with our sustainable mindset, one bikini at a time. 



 Supporting Grassroots Organizations

Every bikini produced at Avery supports the ROLE Foundation - a zero waste facility that runs environmental development programs in Bali, Indonesia. Along with zero waste, we work together to support sustainable businesses as well as improve women’s education and development.

One dollar from each bikini made at Avery has been donated to support grassroots organizations and our manufacturers continue to implement hiring practices that raise the standards for women, health and income in their industry.



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 Made Ethically

We value ethical labour practices from production to the sourcing of our fabrics. All the staff in our factories in Bali are paid above award wages up to three times the standard in the industry, far exceeding labour standards in the business. We are proud to work alongside a team with the same values as ours - to provide high-quality swimwear that’s also eco-friendly.



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 Slow-Fashion Company

We order our swimwear in small quantities to reduce overstocking. With the amount of fabric waste we see in factories, we have a limited stock in each size before making a new order for the next collection or deciding to restock. This helps to minimize carbon emissions put forth through high clothing consumption.

We strive to continue being a slow-fashion company that discourages discarding. We want our swimwear to be something you wear for years to come. This helps to keep our industry sustainable while keeping our planet happy.


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Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our packaging is made thoughtfully with 100% recycled materials. From using compostable mailers to eco-friendly thank you cards and branded stickers, we package all your swimwear with the most sustainable materials. Since starting our company in 2021, we’ve made a conscious effort to reduce the usage of plastics as much as possible.



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