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Meet the Founder

Founder Michelle Chen Avery Swimwear

Founder Michelle Chen began working to bring Avery to life in the summer of 2020 amidst the pandemic. Having gone to fashion design school 9 years prior, she finally decided to bite the bullet and go after her dreams. Since starting a clothing brand has been a longtime goal of hers, it was only suitable the themes of this first collection be founded on the notion of dreams and nostalgia.

Having been petite her whole life and struggling to find confidence in her own body, she knew designing a swimwear collection that spoke of the struggles of smaller women would be the mission of the brand. The brand’s ultimate message is to let women of all sizes embrace their true selves while wearing something effortlessly feminine, edgy and sustainable.

Though Michelle struggled with accepting her body earlier on, there was one thing that she always felt completely empowered in and that was a well-fitted bikini. A bikini is not only an extension of your personality but it’s your most vulnerable self on display. Having gone through what it’s like to struggle with finding swimwear that fits a petite frame, Michelle’s built a timeless and unique collection catered to the petite while being size-inclusive.

Avery was built on a dream. That dream continues to grow daily as Michelle shares her designs aimed at body positivity, strength and individuality with women of all sizes. This is just the beginning of what we have in store at Avery.