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What Avery Swimwear is Doing For Sustainability

Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

When creating our swimwear line, we immediately knew having it be made sustainably was important to us. Our thinking was that there are so many swimwear brands to choose from already that we didn't want to be just another one taking up space. Aside from having the dreamiest colour palette, Avery is made sustainably with the planet in mind.

Ultimately, we decided to create a socially responsible line that would feel as good as it looks. It was easy to fall into the trap of fast fashion, where suits are mass produced and fabrics wasted daily upon demand. However, we went a different route by creating a line that values quality over quantity and speaks to the slow fashion generation.


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Our Swimwear

Sustainability in the fashion industry has become so important so first thing, we needed to find the right manufacturers that felt the same. Luckily, our  manufacturers in Bali have the same values as us; together we've been able to produce swimwear sourced from recycled ocean waste. This includes reusing fishing nets, fabric scraps and plastic bottles all found in large bodies to water to produce our eco-friendly fabrics.

With the mission to clean up the oceans while creating something that was both empowering and unique, we've been able to reduce our carbon footprint one bikini at a time. In fact, one dollar from each bikini produced has already been donated to the ROLE foundation, a zero waste facility that runs environmental development programs throughout Bali.

Pictured above: Liv Bikini Top | Liv Bikini Bottoms



Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Our Workers

It's easy to buy cheap products and sell them at a premium but our pricing is solely based on how much we pay our manufacturers. At Avery, we're lucky to work with suppliers with high ethical standards for their workers. Thus, all workers are paid above reward wages three times the standard in the industry. We're happy to pay more for good quality items that boasts an ethical work environment.


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Our Mailers

Aside from our eco-friendly swimwear made from ECONYL, our packaging is also made from all sustainable materials. We use 100% compostable mailers to send out all our orders in so your bikinis arrive in guilt-free packaging that don't just end up in the trash. They've been made of certified materials meant to break down overtime and be completely non-toxic for the environment.


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Our Thank You Cards 

As a personal favourite part of our eco-friendly stance, we've also gone ahead and worked with a printing company that makes sustainable thank you cards. It was barely any work at all sending out our designs and having them beautifully printed on high-quality eco-friendly stock. We've already gotten so many compliments on how sturdy these feel in comparison to how flimsy recycled materials tend to be. 


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Our Branded Stickers

Last but not least, these eco-friendly stickers with our branded logo are to die for. They've been a cute addition to our packaging and even better that we didn't have to kill any trees to produce them. We include one of these in each Avery package and it's been a great way to keep us present in your daily life. Use and stick these however and wherever you please.


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

This has been a big learning experience for us as first-time business owners but sourcing out sustainable options has been all part of the fun. In the end, we found it wasn't difficult at all to find eco-friendly options. Many companies are constantly developing better options to be better on the planet so why shouldn't we? 

To us, being sustainable means making products meant to last. Our fabrics are not only high-quality but they feel amazing on. We know women will have no problem wearing our bikinis for years to come. As well, we feel great knowing we've able to reduce the amount of annual fabric waste without sacrificing the quality for it. We hope you love how you feel in swimwear while we do our part in cleaning up the oceans.

Pictured above: Mai Bikini Top in Nostalgia | Mai Bikini Bottoms in Nostalgia


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Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Lola Bikini in Charcoal - for the love of vegan leather


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

 Liv Bikini - made from recycled ocean waste


Avery sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

Lola Bikini - easy luxury made to last

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