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Vegan Leather Swimwear Is Here and It's Damn Sexy

Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

We can all agree leather is eternally sexy. It has a way of captivating and drawing attention to one’s outfit with no effort at all. Now add that to swimwear and it’s a game changer. That’s exactly what we did in our first collection for Avery. We used vegan leather to make our bikinis and I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say it’s damn sexy. 

The day we discovered vegan leather for our swimwear was the day everything changed. Our vegan leather is waterproof, made in a luxurious nylon stretch fabric, with a certified wow factor in toll. It’s been the perfect addition our edgy and unique aesthetic. Check out how we’ve used vegan leather in our designs. 


Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Vegan Leather Straps 

Used as bold accents on our bikinis, vegan leather straps are the one design feature you didn’t know you’ve been missing. It adds an edgy contrast to your regular bikini straps with its smooth texture. With straps like these, you’ll be the designated cool girl at the beach. 

Pictured Above: Evvie Bikini Top | Evvie Bikini Bottoms



Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Vegan Leather Bottoms 

For us, having a different coloured bottom from your top should be how your bikini should always be worn. What better way to do a fun mix and match style than to have an edgy pair of vegan leather bottoms to go with every single bikini top you own? It’s the perfect way to have some fun with our bikini looks. 

Pictured Above: Aria Bikini Top | Aria Bikini Bottoms



Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Vegan Leather Binding 

This might just be our favourite vegan leather style. Used as an edgy contour effect for your figure, the leather contrast binding emphasizes all your best attributes while adding an inevitable wow factor. It’s sexy, it’s feminine and it’s different from anything out there.  

Pictured Above: Liv Bikini Top in Maven | Liv Bikini Bottoms in Maven



Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Full Vegan Leather Bikini

Nothing screams sexy like a full-fledged vegan leather look. A strapless leather bikini top is the perfect transitional piece that you can wear as a chic bandeau with all your street style fits. We can’t wait to style this top with a pair of high-waisted leather pants for a sexy going out look.

Pictured Above: Lola Bikini Top in charcoal | Lola Bikini Bottoms in charcoal  



Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Leather will always be a classic. Fused into swimwear with our vegan leather finishes, it’s a daring look that is also empowering. We knew that when we found this fabric for our line, we’d found something special. It looks utterly captivating and it’ll make you feel just as so.

Pictured Above: Evvie Bikini Top in Taupe | Evvie Bikini Bottoms in Taupe


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Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Aria Bikini - pretty in pink gets an added edge


Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Evvie Bikini in Taupe - the spiced up version of neutrals


Avery Swimwear vegan leather bikinis

Lola Bikini in Charcoal - the ultimate wow factor


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