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The Perfect Bikini Style for Your Body Type

Eco-friendly Lola strapless bikini

It's almost bikini season, which makes it the perfect time to figure out which styles would suit your body best. Many women struggle to find the right bikini that would flatter their figures, whether that be their small chests or pear-shaped bodies. However, the styles at Avery are versatile and can suit various body types of women.

Made to empower your inner vixen while embracing the real you, here's the perfect bikini style for your body type according to Avery. Let's make bikini shopping one less woe you have to cross off your list this summer. Read on to find your perfect fit.


Vegan leather Liv bikini in Maven

1. Athletic Body Types

For women with an athletic body type, meaning wider shoulders and straight hips, it's best to go for a bikini that would contour your figure. The Liv Bikini is perfect for rectangular-shaped bodies, with its two-tonal colour way, because it helps to emphasize your figure. Triangular bikinis are best for creating shape on top with bottoms worn high-waisted to accentuate the hips. With Liv, you can adjust the fit of the bottoms to however high or low you'd like.

Pictured Above: Liv Bikini Top in Maven | Liv Bikini Bottoms in Maven



Eco-friendly Evvie bikini

2. For All the Small-Chested Gals

If you're petite with a flatter chest, it's best to go for a top with a square neckline. Women with smaller chests look great with these necklines because it creates the illusion of a fuller chest. The Evvie Bikini does a great job at this as it covers just enough so you don't have to feel self-conscious when baring it all. As well, it has just the perfect amount of sex appeal with its playful vegan leather straps.

Pictured Above: Evvie Bikini Top | Evvie Bikini Bottoms



Reversible triangle Mai bikini

3. Flattering On All Body Types

If you've tried on many styles and nothing seems quite right, a foolproof option is a classic triangle bikini with adjustable tie bottoms. This bikini style is flattering on almost all body types as it allows smaller girls to have some shape on top and bigger chests to have their moment to shine. The Mai Bikini has been a favourite for this reason. Why complicate things when a triangle bikini is so versatile, while giving you multiple ways to wear it as well.

Pictured above: Mai Bikini Top | Mai Bikini Bottoms



One-shoulder reversible Aria bikini

4. The Perfect Suit For an Hourglass Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, then you have been blessed with many options. That means you have the same amount on top as you do on the bottom and a naturally cinched waist. Naturally you'd want to show everything off but sometimes modesty is key. The Aria Bikini in Mauve and Plum might seem tame but on a full figure, it accentuates all your best attributes while keeping something to the imagination.

Pictured Above: Aria Bikini Top in Mauve | Aria Bikini Bottoms in Plum



Eco-friendly Lola strapless bikini top

5. Pear-Shaped Bodies

So you're pear-shaped and you want to draw less attention to your bottom and more on top? Gotcha. The Lola Bikini is your best friend, as a sexy strapless bandeau is the perfect way to draw the eye upwards and away from your hips. It balances out your figure perfectly by creating a fuller chest while a pair of high-cut bottoms does its job to slim them down. Strapless bikini styles work best with smaller chests and narrow shoulders.

Pictured Above: Lola Bikini Top | Lola Bikini Bottoms



Vegan leather Evvie bikini

If looking for a bikini feels more like a chore, then you're most likely doing it wrong. Bikinis are meant to empower and if you don't feel good in it, chances are you're wearing the wrong one. Try out a few different styles to get a feel of what works best for your body type.

Just remember, sometimes when it comes to swimwear, there are no rules. You just have to wear what makes you feel good because feeling good in your skin is king. Happy bikini shopping!


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Eco-friendly Liv bikini

Liv Bikini - perfect for athletic bodies


Vegan leather strapless Lola bikini

Lola Bikini in Charcoal - pear-shaped and sexy


Reversible triangle Mai bikini

Mai Bikini - suitable for all body types


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