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The 5 Must-Have Bikini Looks for the Summer

Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

Summer 2022 is the summer everyone's been waiting for. To make up for the past two years, it's looking like feel good dressing is back on the rise. Say goodbye to modest cuts, this year bikini season is all about baring some much-needed skin, while still keeping it classy and chic.

With our daring yet soft summer collection, Avery bikinis are the perfect mix between sexy and feminine. Made with eco-friendly materials with a mission to better the planet, our styles aren't only sustainable, they make a statement. Here are our top five must-have bikini looks for the summer!


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

1. The Liv Bikini

Inspired by the colours of summer, the Liv Bikini from the Memories Collection is designed to add a touch of softness to your summer wardrobe. Made in a pastel baby blue with pretty mauve binding, it's a beach dream come true. With a triangle cut that contours your shape perfectly, it's classic with a twist.

Also available in: Maven


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

2. The Lola Bikini in Blush

Every woman needs a bit of pink in her wardrobe. With the newest addition of the Lola Bikini in Blush, the luxe baby pink fabric is soft and shimmery at the same time. It’s the one summer bikini that screams sexy, cute and feminine and all at once.

Also available in: Silver Blue and Vegan Leather


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

3. The Mai Bikini in Nostalgia

Having been known as a favourite from the very start, the Mai Bikini in Nostalgia is second to none. Made in a flattering triangle-style bikini that’s adjustable in every which way, it can be dressed up or down. The silver blue colour is a perfect way to have a cool girl summer moment.  

Also available in: Mauve


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

4. The Aria Bikini in Plum

Most of our bikinis can be worn in reverse and the Aria Bikini is the ultimate summer swimsuit that will give you four looks in one. Made in a daring shade of deep plum on one side and soft mauve on the other. Feel free to change your bikini look as easily as you change your mood. 

Also available in: Blush Pink


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

5. The Evvie Bikini

Last but definitely not least, the Evvie Bikini is a city girl's dream set. With its vegan leather accents on baby blue, it's the perfect edgy addition to your beachwear. Looking to switch it up? Rock both pieces on the other side if you want an all-black bikini with some biker girl vibes. 

Also available in: Taupe


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

This summer, dress as glam as you like and as bold as your heart desires. Avery bikinis are all about expressing your most authentic self and what's better than a fun-loving bikini to get you in the summer mood? Let these must-have bikini looks for summer inspire your inner vixen.


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Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

Liv Bikini - taking classic up a notch


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

Mai Bikini in Nostalgia - eco-friendly never looked so luxe


Avery Swimwear summer must-have bikinis

Lola Bikini in Blush - a touch of pink for summer

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