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The Most Flattering Strapless Bikini

Lola bikini strapless knot top

The perfect strapless bikini is hard to find but when you do, the feeling is immeasurable. Though it's undoubtedly a beach essential, many smaller women struggle with finding one that's not only flattering but won't fall down constantly. That's why we decided to create one that does both - thus, the Lola Bikini was born.

Available in three different colours, this bikini is sure to turn some heads while hugging you in all the right places. Made from recycled fabrics sourced from the oceans of Bali, our strapless bikini set was designed to be the most flattering strapless bikini you've found yet.


Lola bikini strapless knot top

Lifts Where You Need it Most

Our original Lola Bikini, made iridescently in silver blue, fits on the smaller side so it gives you a nice subtle lift where you need it most. Perfectly sculpted for smaller chests, the knotted front reveals just the right amount for you to stun effortlessly poolside. No bells and whistles here, Lola highlights while being minimal in design. 


 @xvndii wearing: Lola Bikini Top | Lola Bikini Bottoms


Lola bikini strapless vegan leather knot top

Made for Badass Babes

The Lola Bikini is not meant to be worn by everyone - only those that want to make a statement. With its second colour way made in a luxe black vegan leather, it’s undoubtedly our star set. With a unique texture inspired by streetwear, we’ve taken that and translated it perfectly for the beach. Wear with caution. 


Pictured: Lola Top in Charcoal | Lola Bottoms in Charcoal


Lola bikini strapless blush pink knot top

No More Slipping

There’s nothing worse than a strapless top that keeps falling down. That’s why our Lola Bikini is made with boning on both sides to keep it in place. No more constantly pulling your top back up. There’s only a snug fit that hugs like a second skin. 


Pictured: Lola Top in Blush | Lola Bottoms in Blush


Strapless bikini vegan leather swimwear

The Lola Bikini is made to give smaller girls an instant boost. For those that may not have been endowed with the most ample bosom, its sleek texture with its figure-hugging design is sure to create a fuller chest on top. That and its edginess will instantly make you feel like a boss ready to take on the beach. 


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Lola bikini sustainable strapless knot top

@mirrormirrorontheblog looking comfy and relaxed in Lola



 Sustainable bikinis vegan leather try-on haul

@isabelle_schilling slaying in vegan leather



Lola bikini eco-friendly strapless knot top

@ohhshelly looking like a dream in our nostalgic set

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