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The 5 Styles of Avery's First Swimwear Collection

Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis 

Inspired by the nostalgic feelings of summer, Avery's first collection is a celebration of your inner feminine with a touch of whimsy. Drawn most to the dreamy colours of sunset and the feelings that come with it, it goes beyond just swimwear. The pieces are meant to serve as a reminder of happiness and when we feel most free. Thus, naming it the Memories Collection.

Swimwear is always worn during our happiest moments - either at the beach, on vacation or at a spa relaxing somewhere - that we wanted to encapsulate that feeling. With five classic styles, we've created a collection that evokes strong feelings of nostalgia wherever you go. Check out our first collection to discover our sustainable styles made for the every day woman.


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

1. The Liv Bikini

Made in a classic triangle cut, the Liv Bikini has become a signature for Avery. Featuring a fun-loving two-toned contrast, it's classic with a twist. The mauve binding against the dreamy pastel blue is a surefire way to stand out, while adding a conturing effect to the shape of your body.

As one of our original designs that ended up being put into production, Liv is both eco-friendly as it is whimsical in nature. Made with 100% recycled materials, it's been the bikini that brings sustainable swimwear to the forefront of everyday fashion.

Perfect for: Athletic body types


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis 

2. The Evvie Bikini

Made with edgy vegan leather straps, the Evvie Bikini has become a favourite for all the leather lovers out there. Designed as a way to introduce leather into swimwear, it's been the perfect alternative for every woman who wants to elevate her style while at the beach.

As the perfect mix between sexy and cute, the bottoms can be reversed to be jet black. The vegan leather straps are also completely waterproof and adjustable. Rest easy during your next dip, the material retains its shape perfectly while bringing a bit of city chic to your personal style.

Perfect for: Petite body types


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis 

3. The Mai Bikini

Made to be your effortless every day bikini, the Mai Bikini is everyone's favourite and we can see why. Made in a classic triangle cut with long adjustable ties, this bikini looks great on all body types. Not to mention it's made in the most perfect shade of shimmery mauve with a reversible feature.

We believe all women should have options. Not only is Mai made with long ties for a personalized fit, you can reverse the top to its matching matte colour on the other side. The ruched detailing gives a flattering fit while these cheeky bottoms sit comfortably on your hips.

Perfect for: All body types


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

4. The Aria Bikini

Made to be the most versatile bikini in the entire collection, the Aria bikini is here to give a major upgrade to a classic look. With its one-shoulder design, the Aria top can be easily reversed from its shimmery pink colour to completely jet black to match its vegan leather bottoms. 

Wear it as a bikini or as an everyday top, the choice is yours. Clearly a unique find, the bottoms are lined with the same shimmery pink as the top. Designed to be a little different, we've given the edgy leather a feminine twist with the light pink peeking out from underneath.

Perfect for: Hourglass body shape


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis 

5. The Lola Bikini

As the only strapless bikini in the Memories Collection, the Lola Bikini is one that will leave a lasting impression. Made in a stunning shimmery silver blue, the colour is one of its kind. Along with its pretty knotted detailing, it's feminine done right with just a touch of nostalgia.

Designed to be an effortless bandeau, the Lola can easily be styled for a cute summertime look as much as for the beach. Lined with our eco-friendly fabric, it's the perfect material to sunbathe all day in or to wear underneath your stylish fits. It doesn't get dreamier than this one.

Perfect for: Pear-shaped bodies


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

Designed to be a little different and for women to embrace their inner feminine, the Memories Collection is both unique and made to be a classic. With five bold - yet subtle - swimwear looks made in a dreamy pastel colour palette, Avery is where feminine cuts get an elevated twist.

Discover sustainable swimwear like you've never seen before. Shop our Memories Collection HERE.


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Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

The Liv Bikini - eco-friendly luxury


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

The Mai Bikini - a shimmery goddess


Avery Swimwear sustainable bikinis

The Lola Bikini - a touch of nostalgia


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