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Swimwear Made to Empower Small Chests

Eco-friendly Evvie bikini with vegan leather

We can agree that in today's day and age, it's the women with fuller figures that are celebrated and the petite made to feel less women-like in comparison. For that reason, we decided to create a sustainable line of swimwear that helps to empower small chests. The saying tiny but mighty just got a whole new meaning because Avery was designed to let the petite feel just that - powerful, unique and daring.

Our versatile pieces are not only eco-friendly but made to be body positive and size-inclusive. When people think body positive, most only think plus-size but it's a fact that women with slimmer bodies also struggle with body issues. As a way to help combat feeling self-conscious in a bikini, we've designed pieces that let women embrace their true selves - whether big or small. Read on to find out how.

Pictured above: The Evvie Bikini Top | The Evvie Bikini Bottoms


Sustainable Liv bikini in mauve with vegan leather

1. Vegan Leather Accents 

When we discovered vegan leather for our swimwear, we knew we found something special. We decided to use it as a way to contour and emphasize the curves of the female body. Not only does it have city chic written all over it, it's a classic and edgy material that undoubtedly allows women of all sizes to feel so empowered and confident.

By incorporating leather into our bikinis, it helps to accentuate the curves of the petite, allowing them to feel sexy. Combined with our feminine styles, the result is a bold and daring combination that allows for a unique sense of style. It's quickly become the signature look of Avery and we cannot wait to add more vegan leather styles to our collection.

Pictured above: The Liv Bikini Top in Maven | The Liv Bikini Bottoms in Maven



Reversible one shoulder Aria bikini

2. Modest Cuts

Some women feel their best in plunging necklines and revealing cuts, while others feel most confident in something more modest. Both are sexy but it's how you feel in them that makes the difference. For smaller chested women, who may not want to show off everything but just enough, we've designed bikinis that do just that.

Rocking a one-shoulder bikini has become the sexy alternative to baring it all in our humble opinions. While it's simple in design, it's also undeniably stylish and can rival a revealing top any day. Sometimes a girl wants to bare it all and sometimes, we just want to be a bit more covered up. At Avery we give you the best of both worlds. 

Pictured above: The Aria Bikini Top



Reversible triangle Mai bikini in Nostalgia

3. Lightly Padded Tops

One can argue that padded bikinis are usually bulky and not the most comfortable, where as non-padded can make smaller chested women feel self-conscious. As a solution, we've made all our bikinis lightly padded with the non-reversible ones with a removable option. This gives women a bit more coverage while still feeling comfy in our swimwear.

Our brand is all about embracing the body we're in, which can be especially empowering for any women who may not have the most curves. We want to put forth the message that you don't need the most curves to feel sexy and you shouldn't. Our swimwear is made to be light on the body, letting the true you shine.

Pictured above: The Mai Bikini Top in Nostalgia | The Mai Bikini Bottoms in Nostalgia



Eco-friendly strapless Lola bikini

With a mission to empower small chests, our swimwear is made in feminine cuts that are unique and comfy to wear. Since so much emphasis is put on looking sexy in the world of swimwear, our motto is a bikini is only as sexy as how a woman feels in it.

By using bold details such as vegan leather, having modest options and designing our bikinis to be all lightly padded, our collection is the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. Not only can small-chested women look and feel sexy in our pieces, it allows them to feel empowered and different from the rest.

Pictured above: The Lola Bikini Top | The Lola Bikini Bottoms


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Strapless vegan leather Lola bikini in Charcoal

The Lola Bikini in Charcoal - sexy and feminine in vegan leather


Eco-friendly two-tonal Liv bikini

The Liv Bikini - here to contour your figure


Reversible one shoulder Aria bikini in mauve

The Aria Bikini in Mauve - comfy and effortless fit 


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