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Best Swimwear Styles For Small Chests

small-chested swimwear Lola Bikini

Being a small-chested woman, wearing a bikini can be a daunting task. That's why I decided to start Avery, to empower petite bodies with a flattering fit that highlights their best attributes at the same time.

Many times, bikini tops are designed to flatter larger chests, while the small struggle with ill-fitting cups. I struggled with this for years and realized that there must be other petite-sized women with similar struggles as I do. Thus, Avery was born.

Here are the best styles for small chests from the Avery collection, that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. 

small-chested swimwear Aria Bikini in Mauve

1. One-Shoulder Bikini Top

The Aria Bikini is one of my favourites to flatter small chests. With a one-shoulder design that draws the eye up to your collar bone instead of your chest, it shows just enough to be sexy in a subtle way. It also highlights your shoulders perfectly, diverting attention from your chest so you can feel less self-conscious wherever you choose to rock this alluring bikini top.

vegan leather swimwear for small chests Evvie Bikini

2. Rectangular-Shaped Bikini Top

The Evvie Bikini is perfect for small-chested women. Offering a rectangular cut that covers up your chest, it allows for a fun and flirty look while being all-around stylish. The contrasting vegan leather straps are the perfect addition to up your sex appeal, while keeping all your fun bits covered up. For women that don't want to show too much, it's the best in between to embrace your inner vixen.

vegan leather bandeau-style Lola Bikini in Charcoal

3. Bandeau-Style Bikini Top

Our Lola Bikini has the ability to create the illusion of a fuller chest by hugging you in all the right places. It's one of the many reasons this bandeau-style bikini has been so beloved by the itty bitty titty committee. With a snug fit all around, it gives you a natural push while allowing you to feel ultra-feminine and sexy. Best part - no tan lines so you can vacation in style.

Available in: Lola Top in Charcoal | Lola Top in Blush | Lola Top in Silver Blue

eco-friendly swimwear Lola Bikini

Over the years, I found it surprising that while there were more options becoming available for plus-sized women, many times it was the smaller chest sizes that were lacking availability. If you're small-chested like myself and struggling to find flattering swimwear, you'll love these bikini styles that were made to empower the petite. 

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy - no matter her chest size.


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one-shoulder Aria bikini for small chests

Classically feminine in the Aria Bikini Top

vegan leather swimwear Evvie bikini in taupe

Show off your inner vixen in the Evvie Bikini in Taupe

bandeau-style bow Lola bikini in blush pink

Flirty and romantic in the Lola Top in Blush


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