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Avery's Pop-up With Style Canada's 'The Edit'

Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

This past summer was an exciting one for us as we joined Style Canada's 'The Edit' pop-up right in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Located in Old Town, off the main strip, sat the self-proclaimed chic general store that housed a range of Canadian brands - ours included! 

This marked the first time for Avery Swimwear to be part of a major pop-up event. Our brand was being displayed in an actual boutique where tourists and locals alike could come and shop our sustainable pieces in person. How exciting!


Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Style Canada's 'The Edit'

Though we joined a little later (from September to October), we were ecstatic to be part of this charming boutique for the last month of summer. Upon first visiting, the all-white exterior had us singing. The store was modern with a rustic edge. It looked like the perfect spot to house our swimwear, in a historical building turned modern day chic.



Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Located in Old Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Displayed on an all-white rack alongside a variety of reputable and up-and-coming Canadian brands was no other than our very own Avery Swimwear. It would be the first time seeing our eco-friendly products in a brick and mortar store anywhere. Seemed a bit too perfect to have our suits be found in none other than the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for this milestone.



Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Featuring Our Most Coveted Styles

Carrying three of our bestselling styles - Mai, Liv and Mai in Nostalgia - it gave people a good variety to shop from. These also tend to be the styles that suit most body types, with its triangle tops and matching bottoms with adjustable ties. We call these three the bread and butter of Avery. 



Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Curated For Women With Style

The entire store was super chic with a comforting vibe to it. It felt like your local general store but curated specifically for those with a stylish flair. Our suits felt perfectly at home sitting with the many different Canadian brands chosen to be showcased in this charismatic boutique. 



Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Not only did we love having our sustainable pieces available in store, it was such a treat to visit beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake during this pop-up. Walking around Old Town was so lovely with its historical sights. In fact, we just so happened to be perfectly located right in front of the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel.

Now that we’ve had a taste of having our products in store, we can’t wait to do more of these events. Watch out for more from Avery - we may be coming to a store near you next spring/summer season!


Check out our full feature in Style Canada HERE.


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Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

With Style Canada's 'The Edit' storefront


Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

Avery Swimwear on display in Niagara-on-the-Lake


Style Canada The Edit Avery Swimwear pop-up

The chic general store made for women with style

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